Thursday, 28 April 2011

Gigs to go to - Saturday 21st May Sound City

Django Django @ Mojo
Mojo is one of the venues that’s been putting itself about in the past year as a proper gigging venue. Before Christmas they were putting acts like Miles Kane and the Chapel Club on for a fiver. Django Django will be at the lustful bar on Saturday.
I guess you’d have predicted they would’ve played in dubstep-drenched Django’s but that’s what you would have been expecting so they’re here.
Anyway, despite having a name that suggests they’re going to be in genre of gypsie-jazz they’ve got much for a steady, independent whoosh. They have called themselves ‘pyschedlic art pop’ but then they are kinda ‘out-there’.
They’re not neccasrly electornic but they have a keyboard, not neccesarily indie, but they do seem very independent.
With all this confusion, I guess it’s a wonder why they’re not playing somewhere as scatterbrained as the Kazimier.
However, the tight spaces of Mojo should benefit the band’s homely charisma. Just try not to drink too much when you’re in Mojo, it has an accurate reputation as one of the most expensive places to go on a night out in town.

Fucked Up @ The Kazimier
We’ve already reviewed one manic band, fronted by an even more manic, stripping, balding frontman (turn to page 10 for the review of Les Savy fav) and Sound City will be ended at the Kazimier by Fucked Up. As the name suggests they’re not a Christian rock band but one of the best modern punk bands around. Expect lots of action, this is the perfect way to end the festival for this year.

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